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The core idea in this model, is to train employees substantially before they get into the job so that they are productive from Day 1.

Any repetitive job requires a set of tasks to be done; some of these tasks may perhaps be even be broken into sub-tasks. Each task/sub-task has a sequence of steps that need to be effectively executed. There are standardized methods (best practices) that must be adopted to execute the job effectively. These are called “core tasks”. Apart from this, students need to be trained on the “core skills” (e.g. soft skills) required and the “core knowledge” (e.g. documentation process). The JIM Model ensures that students are trained to demonstrate their competence in core tasks, core skills and core knowledge. This way the student is productive from Day 1.

  • There are no surprises- for the candidate and the employer.
  • Training program as limited agenda of taking a candidate from 'Point X' to 'Point A' so that he is at a higher proficiency and compensated better.

21 years of association with some of the most respected business houses has given us a clear understanding of the talent challenges that you face. The maximum numbers of people are hired in the entry level or the frontline as they are called. They form the base of the organization and no organization can be built on a shaky base. We are sure you agree!

We do recruitment for our bread and butter and we meet and solve recruiting challenges for many of our clients on a daily basis. One common complaint of HR Heads/GMs across the country is, managing the transaction involved in hiring this “base”. We created a solution for our corporates which requires them to STEP-In only at the final stage candidate selection.


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